Interested in Sponsoring a Baseball Clinic for your town?

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These clinics are sponsored mainly through Kiwanis Clubs and Chamber of Commerce of participating cities. 

The clinics are also sponsored by local area business's, service clubs, organization and educators of the great game. Each clinic needs a minimum of 15 sponsors and a maximum of 25. A donation is asked of each business, used to cover the cost of the event. The sponsor is then entitled to signage at the clinic and honorable mention in our Sponsor Hall of Fame.

There are yearly sponsorships available, for which the sponsor is entitled to 
not only the above mentioned benefits, but these great extras!:

*A link on our Sponsor Page*
*Dedicated page on our website for your business*
*Signage at every clinic*
*Autograph session at your place of business,
 which could include any member of the clinic staff,
 even the women players portrayed in the movie
 " A League of Their Own" *

Each sponsor is encouraged to participate in the accompanying Craft and Food Faire, at which the sponsors are able to reach out and develop a mutually  
beneficial relationship with their community members. 


These local companies help to keep our clinics free.
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