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02_012805irvinegroupbozsign.jpg (87735 bytes) Diamond Bar - Mack and some good friends Diamond Bar - Mack with Elaina (APU Cougars)and friends A beautiful day for The Greatest Game!
03_012805irvinegroupbozsign.jpg (75689 bytes) Dave Frost dispenses wisdom Dave showing how it's done! Learning from the pros!
04_012805irvinegroupbozsign.jpg (69409 bytes) Al Jeffrey and Kyle Kersh Kyle helps out the future stars Shirley & Katie supervise
05_012805irvinemacklouetc.jpg (80530 bytes) More stretching! Instruction for the girls as well! Batting Instruction
07_012805irvinelou.jpg (73500 bytes) Sam Drake! It's Mack and fan! Kids watched over by the best
09_012805irvineal2.jpg (112592 bytes) Mack commands attention Al Jeffreys does his thing Mack providing personalized instruction