Mack's Opening Speech Future Ladies of Baseball Al Jeffreys and Dave Frost show how it's done! Jay Littleton Park, where League Of Their Own was filmed!
Jay Johnstone gives tips on base running Byron Browne gives hitting tips Mack and the Gang before the Clinic Maybelle, Mack, Katie and Alan
Alan & Byron watch Jay teach running Ball Players from Chaffee High The Honorable Jay Littleton Himself! Katie Horstman, Elaina Jeffreys and Maybelle Blair
Mack, Katie and Maybelle share a light moment Byron shares some outfielding secrets College Players waiting to show their stuff! The Staff Wakes Up!
Byron shows his hitting techniques Mack at the Batting Cages Future Ladies Pro Players Closing Raffle!
It's a beautiful day to play two! Barb and Lauren (wo)man the front! Al, Dave, Shirley & Maybelle share some shade and a laugh! Jackie, Sam & Mack
Mack takes care of his many fans! Hey look! It's Sara from the SGV Tribune with Sam and Mack! Busy day on the diamond db82402shirleymaybelle2.jpg (65899 bytes)
Al teaching an apt pupil Dave with a future Major League prospect Byron and the sweet science Dave shows anyone can do it!
Byron as the teacher Batting cages getting a workout! Jay and the guys show how it's done! Jay with more fielding tips
Sam Drake and Mack take care of an auto request Al does his autographin' best! There's never a height requirement here! Shirley's found her own fountain of youth - Baseball
Big Dave's Proud of His Angels! Westminster's Finest watch Shirley give batting tips Mack welcome's a little slugger and his folks to the clinic Nina shows off her swing to an eager student!
Al and Dave teach the troops! Shirley and Mack with new team member Marline Nina and Shirley teaching the next generation Dave taking care of business!