To make Sports Educators a Team that was of value to the kids, community and it's business partners, 
Mack had to assemble a team of enthusiastic, driven, intelligent and dedicated people.

 He finally did it by putting together his "Dream Team", a team with one goal in mind - to provide
 the best in baseball and motivation to the kids of today, to help give their lives focus and direction.
 Below are the All-Stars of Sports Educators:     

Neal Curatola, a co-founder of
Sports Educators

Rozelle, Maria, Mack & Neal at bat for today's kids

Kim Jarrell, VP of Quality

Teresa Reyes - Benefits Coordinator
 Al Reyes -  VP of Marketing
 Barb Kuykendall, Executive VP

Barb with Marline Scott, VP of  Business & Community Development

Rob Bolton, VP of Advertising & Web Development

Contact Information:

Sports Educators of America, Inc.
 23441 Golden Springs Dr - St #127
Diamond Bar, CA. 91765
(888) 658-8446
(909) 860-2223